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ALSA, the largest passenger land transport operator in Spain, launches a new daily bus service between the cities of Caguas and San Juan in Puerto Rico with the idea of ​​joining the main points of both cities .

Caguas - San Juan

2 Lines

For this, the service starts up 2 lines that depart from Caguas, with different destinations: Covadonga and Isla Verde.


The output frequency between both lines is every 60 minutes.


Travel beyond San Juan. Our service connects with 3 light metro stations, 3 urban bus stations, and allows you to get close to the airport.

and prices

These are the schedules and prices of the regular bus lines of ALSA Puerto Rico.

Where to buy the ticket
1 Box office

C/ Acosta 00725, Caguas - Puerto Rico

2 On the bus itself

To the driver of each bus at any of its stops


The buses on these routes have the best equipment, so you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant journey.


Direct routes without stops.


ALSA Puerto Rico buses, each way, depart every 60 minutes.


With enough space between seats, air conditioning, plugs, cleaning ...

About us

ALSA It is the leading operator in the Spanish road passenger transport sector.

More than 100 years of history

More than 100 years of history

With over a hundred years of experience and a vocation for permanent innovation, ALSA is part of the National Express group, an international public transport operator for buses, coaches and railways present in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, North America, North Africa and the East Means, medium.

Under the principle of security

Under the principle of security

Under the principle of security, the client is the center of ALSA's business effort, which develops its activity with criteria of professionalism, quality and innovation, and with a solid commitment to society and respect for the environment.

And in continuous process of international expansion

And in continuous process of international expansion

ALSA is carrying out an intense internationalization process whereby it is present in most countries of the European Union and in North Africa, providing, in each case, the best solutions to the mobility of citizens, which now They also arrive in Puerto Rico.

+9.700 employees

365M KM per year

3.465 buses

358M passengers per year

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Offices: C/ Acosta | 00725 Caguas | Puerto Rico